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The Cavemen Announces Music Show - #TheCavemenLive

The Cavemen presents “The Cavemen Live”, the first-ever solo music show of the award-winning highlife fusion band. Following the success of their debut album “ROOTS” and a couple of other superb releases, the music duo is, here again, to give us a thrilling and entertaining night of premium highlife musical performance in the Cave like never before.

“The Cavemen Live” is set to hold on Saturday, 1st of May, 2021. The event which will take place at Wave Beach Lagos, Elegushi will have other great performances from Jarell Ebuka, Ezi Emela, Tomi Owó with Sigag Lauren and DJ Yin playing as the DJs for the show. #TheCavemenLive is brought to you by Immensum Music, Johnnie Walker and proudly supported by Trace. Come inside the Cave and feel alright with The Cavemen. Get your tickets here

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