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1. What is J2N?
June2November is a division of Immensum Music that
specializes in music distribution. It’s a self serviced
platform where you can create

2. How do you distribute on J2N? Click on this link to

3. Can I get managed by J2N?
J2N is not a management company but a sub-division of a
talent, event and right management company. Send a
management pitch to

4. Is there a fee for distribution?
Distribution is free, however, we split royalties 80% (For

5. What other services does J2N offer except from
Distribution? Sync, Neighboring rights.

6. Can I get an advance? This is determined on a case
by case situation.

7. What is the process of submitting my music?

Please click on this link to see how to do this.

8. How does playlisting work?
To get properly pitched for playlisting, you need to
submit your song/EP 2/3 months before release. This
should be accompanied with your marketing drivers,
release upc, Artist Bio & Epk. Please note that playlists is
not always guaranteed .

9. How do I get in touch ? Contact us via -

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