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June To November. 

June To November is a subsidiary of Immensum Music that specializes in music distribution, label services, and other creative services. It's a self-service platform where clients can distribute their music independently, monitor their finances, and withdraw their funds monthly. Over the years, we have partnered with top distribution companies such as Vydia, Platoon, Orchard, and Ingrooves to fund individual artists who believe in their talent and have constantly shown hard work in their craft.

Music Distribution 

We offer music distribution services for both indie and established artists. Our distribution channel is free with a royalty split of 80/20. It is a self serviced platform that services music to more than 30+ DSPs across the world and easy to navigate.

Marketing and Label Services

We offer marketing and label services to our clients based on their budget and vision. Please reach out to for all enquiries.

Sync Licensing

We have partnerships with publishers and music supervisors across the world to help license your songs in ads, movies, and all forms of audio and visual contents. We pitch regularly and sort ways you can commercially exploit your songs.

Neighboring Rights

We help in collcting your public performance royalties across the world.

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